CRM solutions that work

A first class CRM - Customer Relationship Management - system really will help you get the most leverage from your company’s processes and data. Imagine how much more efficient you will be and how much you’ll increase your bottom line when you streamline your customer service, your sales and your marketing departments. Your clients will be happier too, making everyone a winner!

At Ki Consultants, Inc we work with the best CRM software companies in the marketplace to provide you with superior solutions that take your business to the next level and set you apart from the competition.

With Zoho CRM, ACT!, Microsoft Dynamics, and Office 365 in our range we are confident that we can help you find the best CRM solution for your company. Thanks to our Zoho, ACT!, SwiftPage, and Microsoft certified consultants we have the expertise and tools to fully implement a comprehensive sales and marketing system designed around your business goals. Learn more about the products and services we offer below:

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Swiftpage ACT!, ACT! Premium for Web
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