Ki Consultants Security Awareness Training

Choose Ki Consultants for your Security Awareness Training

We’ve been helping our customers to solve problems securely since 2001. With our broad base of experience working across the entire business landscape, we often identify threats our competitors don’t see coming.

A network is only as secure as the people who are using it and a poorly planned process can compromise the best training. You need a team that has solved problems from business workflows to corporate networks, from application development to the sales pipeline.

You need it all. You need Ki Consultants.

Your Ki Consultants Security Assessment

As a SANS Certified Security Awareness Practitioner, we will design and implement a Security Awareness Program specific to your organization. More, an annual security scan will be performed to help identify any new gaps in your security framework.

The scope of the assessment includes external and internal networks, printers, servers, workstations, mobile devices and infrastructure present at that moment in time. You will receive an objective multi-page assessment report based on the findings, taking into consideration your unique business objectives. The report will highlight sources, findings, best practices, and recommendations to remediating any identified issues.

Do you need a CMMC certification for DOD RFP? Check our offerings for the CMMC Gap Analysis and Remediation.

Your Ki Consultants Employee Security Awareness Training

Online training portal with slides, text, and videos. Employees take a security quiz and print out a certificate. Admin will have a record of all training statuses. On-Prem Training is available as well.

  • Employee Phishing: We will send counterfeit phishing emails to employees to improve their ability to spot and avoid a real phishing email.
  • Security Policies: Best practices for securing critical data.
  • Reporting and Repository: Reporting and Repository: Insight into employee training. Repository for all your security information.
  • Real-Time Alerts for Stolen Passwords

    We will conduct proactive monitoring for your organization's stolen or compromised data and real-time alerts when data is discovered. Our Dark Web program combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze, and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

    Zero Trust Framework

    Hackers generally uses attacks designed to bypass authentication as a primary method of gaining entry to your network or PC. Once inside, they install tools to continue penetrating the layers of your network and devices. One of the best ways to stop this is by utilizing MFA (Multifactor Authentication). In its most basic form we set up a secondary device, such as a mobile phone, to generate a second token or password to make unauthorized access much more difficult. If a hacker were still somehow able to log in, we utilize a second layer of protection that prevents any unapproved applications from being executed or installed on a PC. We are also alerted to any attempt to install an unauthorized application.

    Cyber Crime Insurance

    Even with strong cybersecurity practices, a robust training program, and multiple layers of control, a security breach can still occur. As an added benefit we have included $250,000 in Cyber Liability coverage. In the event you are the victim of Cyber Crime this policy will provide a number of benefits including:

    • Regulatory Penalties and Fines (HIPAA, PCI, NY DFS, GDPR and more)
    • Ransomware payments
    • Telecommunications Theft
    • Social Engineering Fraud
    • E-Theft
    • PCI re-certification
    • Crisis management and fraud prevention expenses (call centers, credit monitoring, notification)
    • Forensics
    • Legal Expenses
    • And More!

    *Limits apply, see policy for details. Policy underwritten by A+ rated Axis Capital.

    TBA per month