Ringio – Hosted PBX

Full-featured, scalable, cost efficient phone systems

Effective communication is a critical component of customer service for businesses of all sizes. Ki Consultants partners with Ringio, provider of a real-time customer communications platform. This strategic partnership will help you to deliver better customer service through Hosted PBX, a cutting-edge communication tool.


Outstanding customer service should be your business’s top priority. Ki Consultants’s Ringio Hosted PBX solutions allow you to deliver just that.

Ringio Hosted PBX from Ki Consultants features:

  • Hosted PBX & Call Center - a cloud-based, business oriented phone solution
  • Rich Caller Screenpop - all important client information is displayed on a popup screen
  • Ringio Desktop - an all-in-one app that allows you to take control of your daily call routines
  • Mobile Apps - take Ringio with you and stay productive while on the go
  • Rest API - integrate Ringio with any third party SaaS or custom solution you use
  • Virtual Call Center - complete customer history, call recording and analytics
  • Power Dialer - boost your sales team’s calling efforts and keep tabs on their productivity
  • Simple IVR - design a customized phone tree of voice menus and route calls based on your needs

Ringio Hosted PBX from Ki Consultants also supports CRM integrations including:

  • Zoho CRM - simple setup and easy to use, to boost productivity and generate sales performance data reports
  • Google Forms - qualify callers, process phone orders, answer surveys via the popular Google Docs

With Ki Consultants’s Host PBX solutions on your side, you’ll receive a top-notch phone system tailored to improve your interaction with customers and to take your business communications to a higher level.

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