Zoho CRM List View Updates for 2021

Zoho gave us an early Holiday present and we got a look at the new User Interface and updates for 2021... And they are FANTASTIC!!

One of my favorites is the new List View Makeover!
They have reorganized the list view and have made it even more powerful and easier to use.

Zoho CRM Declutter your Navigation Bar with Tab Groups

Clients sometimes come to us to ask for a quick way to reduce the number of modules that a user can see. Some of the reasons include:

They have a particular group of profiles who only need access to a few of the modules such as:

External sales who only need access to Leads, Contacts, Account and Activities modules
Marketers who only want to access campaigns, Leads and Contacts

They want to create a Daily Tab which they see a clean and simple view.

Finding a way into your computer

Source: www.infostream.cc

Have you ever thought that maybe having just a password to log into your computer isn’t enough to keep hackers out? Has the thought ever occurred to you that you may be leaving a ‘back door to your personal information’ wide open.

Phone app helping law enforcement

Source: www.infostream.cc

Many apple users have at some point used the ‘Find My iPhone/iPad’ app. Now it is also being used to help Police solve crimes.

The application, according to tech experts, can be used to help locate equipment and secretly follow people.

Understanding Mailboxes in Office 365

Are you paying for a license for a Mailbox that should be Free?
Let’s take a look at the 5 different Mail accounts that Office 365 offers.

Mailbox – Requires a paid license
Group – Distribution Group – Free
Resource – Free
Contacts – Free
Shared – Free (Who Knew!?)

Mailbox – Most Common – Regular account for individual and provides an actual mailbox that you log into with its own Calendar and Resources.

ACT! V16 Service Pack 1 and Hotfix 1 has been released!

Swiftpage Announces General Availability of Next-Generation Act! emarketing Service Embedded in Release of Act! v16.1

Fully Integrated Marketing Application Available Now for All Deployments of Latest Version of Act!

Swiftpage, a leading provider of integrated marketing and CRM solutions for individuals, growing businesses and mobile sales teams, today released Act! v16.1 with fully integrated Act! emarketing for all deployment types; Windows®, Web, and Hosted.