Apples latest Kitty released to the wild!

In the animal kingdom cats all share the same family, Felidae. All cats are characterized similarly  and are recognizable as felines. It may be for this reason that Apple has taken to applying code names from the Felidae family to different versions of their popular operating system OS X. Regardless of the name, the latest version is here with some interesting new features.

Manage Activities and History – ACT! Tips

Here are some quick tips for using activities, history, and follow-up properly in ACT!  to ensure you don't miss a beat when managing your tasks and taking care of your customers.


Activities are items that you schedule in advance that show up in a few places: on your Task List, your calendar, and on the record for the contact that you've scheduled an activity with.

Create a Map of Your Contacts using ACT!

Ever want to get a map of your Contacts? well if the curiosity ever struck here's a handy tool to help you get it done!

Create the lookup of contacts that you want to plot on the map
What you need to do next it to get a list of Contacts into Excel with the following fields: Address, City, State (or Province), ZIP Code (or Postal Code), and Company.

Get your ACT! Task List Into Excel

Sometimes when I have a ton of things to get done, I don’t track all my activities in ACT!, I need a bit more of a unpolished system to sort stuff out.

Why? Well, I have a strategy for getting things done – I like to sort things by both importance and the “fun factor”. I don’t always work that way, but when I’ve got a lot to do, this helps me to:

Make sure the important stuff gets done
Get the things done first that take more effort and energy, and leave the things I enjoy to be done afterwards, when I might not otherwise have as much energy and enthusiasm


How do you sort by “Fun” you ask? Well, the answer is that you can’t do it within ACT! – but it’s an easy thing to do in Excel by adding an extra column.

Update on ACT! for iPad

Update on ACT! for iPad
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to report that the iApp for getting ACT! on the iPad is almost out of Beta and will be up on the App store in a few weeks.  W00T!!

Here is a screenshot from my iPad:

This shot shows the Contact list on the left, the Contact fields and geographic information in the middle and the Activities on the right.

ACT! and iPad

ACT! and iPad
 A few months ago I was asked to present to my fellow ACT! Consultants information on ACT! on the iPad.

Since there is no actual App for that (yet) I needed to provide them with ways to show their clients how to get to the ACT! data via the iPad.

How to close open Apps on your iPad and iPhone

How to close open Apps on your iPad and iPhone
If you love your iPad but your just not as fond of it lately because it seems to run slower or the battery doesn't last as long as you think it should, you are not alone.

It may not necessarily because your iPad doesn't love you anymore, or that it's getting old and tired.